Check 21 or the ‘Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act’ is a directive that facilitates the collection, dispensing and payment of electronic checks between the banks in the US. This ruling came into being on 4th October 2004, bringing about considerable modifications in the traditional mode disposal of checks. The paper checks are converted into E checks for easier dispensing and payment. High Risk Check 21 Solutions are extremely worthwhile for those high risk merchant service vendors as it diminishes the dangers of fake dealings.

High risk merchant service owners will be in a position to add on to their customer database and collect their payments on time and correctly. There is also the facility to safeguard the merchant from checks that bounce as it will be extremely easier to spot them, which was not the case with the conventional paper checks.

The check 21 introduces to the present day world a novel model giving the vendors an edge, but the down side of Check 21 is that in spite of the fact that it enhances the speed of transactions there is every chance that fraudulence in checks authorities will not find it very easy to punish the wrong doers because if by chance the paper check is destroyed or lost after imaging there will be no proof to scrutinize the fraud. This is one point that has got both the providers and the merchants quite worried. And both parties are hoping that there will soon be some answer to this issue. So it boils down to the fact  that if a check is not accepted by anyone because they suspect that it could be a scam what on earth is the point of holding the check in your hands!!

Well one of the solutions for those following the check 21 regulations could be to ensure that the checks used have outstanding security features that are not copy survivable, meaning that the features of the paper of the check are as reliable as possible. It should be such that the features will assist fraudulence to be brought to the forefront at the point where the check is received. This could help to relieve the burden of legal responsibility to the bank that does the conversion.

But by and large the High Risk Check 21 is one of the regulations that has revolutionized the banking sector giving the high risk merchant service providers an opportunity to really grow in their business.

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