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Adult merchant services Since adult online business is mostly considered as a high risk venure, the adult business owner making money online are not usally allowed to accept their transactions through the normal merchant account.

There fore it is very essential to create a better pathway in order to enhance payments through credit cards and checks. The adult merchant services present safe and sound solutions for adult business owners world wide by persistently providing their content according to the needs and wants of their clients. Adult merchant services play a vital role in bringing out the best of these types of business owners.

Besides the global economic slump, the persistent development of multichannel transactions emphasis that credit cards are by all means the most popular way of disbursement round the world. It aids the business owners to take their transactions to a different level. Anti-fraud solution software system preserves the adult webmasters from money trailing whilst a valid and authentic means of acquiring payment attracts a considerably high number of consumers to the system. Due to the increased chance of Fraudulent money transactions, it seems truly difficult to achieve reputed adult merchant services.

There are two major modes of disbursement in the adult merchant services.

  1. Monthly or periodical payment mode where the clienteles has to pay on a monthly basis thus establishing a sturdy flow of money.
  2. One-off fees, in which the payment has to be made in a single schedule; more preferred one which helps to bring up a decent and courteous customer base.

Though the two modes have its pros and cons, it is advisable to use both the methods during the initial phase of business; the account holders also allow the business woner to follow this awaiting for their invested money to retrieve as well as for their increased profits. This necessitates the need for a merchant account and enhances the cash payments via credit card usage and processing.

On the contrary only a few merchant account processors will come forward to support the adult service providers, that too with an extreme charging rate up to even 20% of their income. But this creates a lot of compromises for the adult service providers and the only option to prevent the drop outs of their clienteles will be cutting of their takings. Under such conditions, the adult service provider should conduct a thorough web research in order to work with a processor that caters their requirements.

Many international adult businesses could pander the needs of adult merchant services are now widely available via internet with even charges ranging from 4-5%.The disbursements are very quick and secure and they don’t heed about where the business is located but maintains efficient and reliable money transactions.

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The business, which deals with adult products or the allied industry, may find it troublesome to obtain adult merchant accounts normally. All other business types usually find numerous merchant account providers and there is the question of selection of one of them. On the contrary, the adult business sites are not offered normal service by the merchant account providers because they think the area to be a high-risk-zone. Adult merchant accounts are needed to get the payments through credit cards, which require the account providers for processing. Since, there is scarcity of account providers for the adult business sites, the very few providers who take the risk to collaborate with the merchants, charge outrageous discounts and other charges for processing the merchant accounts of adult sites.

The Present Scenario of Adult Merchant Accounts

Some providers with strong will power have stepped forward to offer services to this kind of merchant accounts to the adult product industry. They provide the normal merchant accounts and the third party applications for the benefit of small online business owners, who are unable to maintain the standard merchant accounts. The provisions are explained hereunder for the benefit of the online business owners of the adult product industry.

The services are applicable for the new comers to this trade and for the business owners who are well established in this line for processing of online payments. There is a scope for the existing business owners to switch over to these providers if they are not satisfied with the services of their existing providers for the reasons of very high rates of discounts and other charges. They can check out the charges that these provide apply for processing of payments through credit cards and debit cards.

The services offered are very much flexible in nature and they are allowed to accommodate certain customized options that an adult website may require for the expansion of its business.

The discount rates and fees are affordable enough to enable the adult sites to create optimum profit for them. The attachment time is very small and hence can be incorporated to several adult merchant accounts promptly enabling the system to process the credit card payments in a very fast manner.

Providers use the latest interface and provide a fraud and scam free service to all adult merchant accounts. The services of providers are handled by experts in this line so that the online business owners of any adult product site can carry on with his business safely and grow in real sense.

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Adult Merchant Services are those solutions that earn money through the business of adult websites. As you can well imagine online business that has anything to do with adults is considered a very risky affair and such business owners are not permitted to receive their payments through the national banks. Adult Merchant Service accounts differ totally from the various other merchant accounts. As a result of the risks involved a majority of the merchant account operators steer clear of the Adult Merchant Service business owners.

This is when adult merchant account plays an important role and is the best way out for those who own this kind of business. Processing of credit cards is the ideal solution for those in the adult business and assisting tthem to take their trade on to a different level. Reliable and authentic means of receiving payment draw a good clientele and the anti-corruption software ensure that the webmasters are suitably safeguarded. But it is pretty difficult to get hold of adult merchant services in many places.

There are two chief modes of payment in the adult merchant services. They are:-

  • The monthly  payment mode when the membership fees are paid on a monthly basis thus ascertaining a steady flow of money, and
  • The One-off fees where the full payment is made in one go and this in a way aids the business owner to construct a decent customer base.

Both the methods of payment have their pros and cons and in the early stages of business it would be a good idea make use of both modes of payment and those who provide accounts for Adult Merchant Services generally allow the trader to utilize both methods so as to increase their income till they have recovered the money invested. This is when the solution providers urge the merchants to create a merchant account to make payments through the credit card process system.

But the merchants have to pay through their noses to the account providers and the rates even go as high as 20%! This makes a dent in the vendor’s business and the only solution choice left to the vendor is to decrease his profit margin.

Taking all this intro account the Adult Merchant Services vendor should do good research on the internet to select an account provider that panders to all his requirements. With the advent of the internet there is no shortage of account providers and those who are willing to provide Adult Merchant Services accounts do not really care about where the vendor’s business is situated and their disbursement is fast and very efficient and will offer accounts to adult service business without an inkling of doubt.

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Adult merchant processing is the phrase which is used for the procedures involved in the processing of an adult merchant account. Since a commercial enterprise which deals with adult services comes under the category of a high risk merchant account, the formalities involved in opening such an account are carried out by the high risk merchant processors and these are collectively referred to as adult merchant processing.

The first step which marks the commencement of the adult merchant processing is to search for a high risk credit card processing service. Due to the hazardous nature of the business, this might prove to be a difficult job since not every financial institution would be inclined to provide such facilities and the solution may be found in form of a third party processor or an offshore merchant account.

The next step in adult merchant processing requires the merchant to fill out a form with all details pertaining to the business as well as the services which are desired. This form is then circulated among the processing services all over the world and the merchant can expect to hear from the interested parties within 24 hours of having submitted the form. This is followed by negotiations in which both parties discuss about the charges as well as the documentation which would be required.

Some of the information which is asked in the form requires the merchant to supply specific details with regards to business information, business specifics, processing information, and name of the principal contact, the related business websites along with the personal comments of the prospective merchant.

This information is then submitted to the provider who is willing to offer the adult merchant processing services for a high risk account. Subsequently, the background of the merchant is checked like the business, credit card processing history as well as legal and criminal records. Since this might take a long time, the process can be shortened if the information is provided voluntarily by the adult merchant himself.

Any merchant who has decided to go through the adult merchant processing should be prepared to pay additional fees which are decided according to the nature and the extent of the risk involved. This kind of processing also involves a high percentage of charge-backs.

The adult merchant processing for a new commercial enterprise has to be included under high risk processing but as the business grows older and gains financial stability in form of profits, it can be shifted under normal credit card processing if so desired by the merchant.

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Adult merchant accounts are regarded as high risk affairs.  The merchant account is required for the adult business is characteristically different from an ordinary merchant account.

Advantages of adult merchant accounts

Ordinary business sites get their merchant accounts to facilitate online transactions like the incoming payments via credit cards, debit cards and so on, which customers appreciate. You need to operate a merchant account to make your site popular.

The adult merchant accounts have different conditions for them. The normal custom in this business is about the membership fees that customers are obliged to pay either one-off fees or regularly every month. The enhancement in the one-off fee structure denotes that the business has a healthy patronage and can expect better business and more popularity. The adult merchant accounts should have diverse payment methods to facilitate easy payments from customers. The business owner should encourage both the types of income to achieve optimum earnings from his business.

How difficult is it to obtain an adult merchant account?

This has been the lacuna since a long time as the merchant account providers are hesitating to join hands with the adult service business operators due to an unknown suspicious reason. They know it very well that the adult service business is highly lucrative.  Due to certain mistrustful transaction history, the adult service business is not regarded as safe and secured venture. Additionally, service providers may not desire to attach their name with the adult business. This is the main reason of the inability to obtain adult merchant accounts.

There is a second scenario, where the adult business operator gets the opportunity to avail an account on very high charges. The business operator has only two options either he can reduce the membership or reduce the quality of the service product. In the former condition, the business fails to earn any profit and the reduced quality of the service product will finish off the business gradually.

There is a possible solution

Every adult business website owner must have an adult merchant account to run the transactions smoothly. There are solutions to this problem, which you can get as a genuine the assistance by paying reasonable charges. Adult merchant accounts are essential for your business and you will have the one surely.

HR Merchant Services are well qualified to tackle such situations for the adult business owners by managing the high risk services easily but efficiently. A very long experience in this merchant accounts industry has taught us the way out in tough situations and come out successfully. You can avail our services at reasonable charges and obtain adult merchant accounts and become successful.

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Benefits of adult merchant accounts
Owners of e-commerce websites apply for merchant accounts to facilitate online payments. A merchant account enables the website to accept online payments made through credit cards, debit cards, or checks. Most customers find it convenient if there are many payment options available.
If a business owner wants to improve his client base or make his site more profitable, getting a merchant account is important.
In the case of an adult website business, getting adult merchant accounts are a different story completely. Customers of adult website businesses have to pay membership fees in two ways: monthly or one-off method. Monthly payments of membership fees ensure that a certain amount will be received by the business every month. But the one-off method wherein membership fees are paid once for the entire year ensures that the business is forming a good client base. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, a wide range of payment options must be available.

Businesses go online to increase their client base. And to achieve that goal, many payment options and methods must be offered by an adult service business.

Getting an adult merchant account

Having an adult merchant account addresses these specific needs. Unfortunately, most merchant account providers are wary of making transactions with adult service businesses even if these are profitable. An adult service business is considered high-risk because of the high probability of making fraudulent transactions. And some merchant service providers do not want their companies to be identified with adult businesses, This makes it difficult for business owners to get adult merchant accounts.

On the other hand, if an adult merchant account gets approved by a merchant service provider, the fees are way too high. If the business owner accepts this, he must find a way to pay the exorbitant fees. He has two options: lower the membership fees or lower the quality of his products. If membership fees are reduced, the business is bound to get less profit. And if the product quality is reduced, the business may end up losing clients.

Both scenarios are not good for a business owner.

If you are the owner of an adult website business, you must get an adult merchant account to increase your profits. Who can help you in getting one? And where can you find excellent service at affordable prices?

HR Merchant Services understands the situation that adult business owners are in. This is why we offer our expertise in high risk merchant services to offline and Internet merchants. We provide targeted solutions for your adult merchant accounts. Because of our years in the merchant account industry, we are experts in offering the best products and services. We also offer affordable prices for our services. Aside from that, we make sure that clients are satisfied with our services in obtaining adult merchant accounts for them.

What are you waiting for? Be one of our clients. Get an adult merchant account from us. We can be your partners to success!

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