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E Wallet software is password management software providing easy access to the numerous passwords you possess with safety guaranteed. It has to be downloaded and installed in your choice of device be it a PC or laptop or even your mobile phone.

All information can be safely locked inside E Wallet software files with a single password. This user friendly software also provides a password hint, in case you forget the password. E wallet has an option called Auto Pass which you can make use of for Fire fox as well as Internet Explorer and do away with the botheration of typing in different URL’s  from time to time. All you have to do is click on a URL displayed on the card (provided you have posted your password and username to the particular site) and Auto pass will take you to the concerned webpage with your password and username typed in. This is a much faster and safer method to use and you have the option to turn off Auto Pass feature anytime.

Another useful feature of the E Wallet software is the Smart copy option it has. This helps to copy credit card numbers and similar data onto your clipboard without any fear of other key loggers accessing it. It is also possible to trap encroachers to your E wallet by fixing a locking feature following a certain number of futile login attempts.

The passwords are also supplied by the software itself and you can make your choice from among the impenetrable selection offered by it’s built in password generator. It also has an automatic backup option which will save all your files. You can even scan images of your credit card and this software will encrypt it.

You can always upgrade your former E wallet with any latest form introduced. The latest version is the E Wallet 7.0 which is a modified and more sophisticated version with additional features. It comes with a new look and interesting interface which can again be customized according to your imagination and ability. It is more user friendly, giving useful tips as you work on it. It comes with a quick access tool bar and faster search results.

This software also offers the option of synchronizing your entire E Wallet information as well as individual cards with any windows mobile device, removable storage devices, other users etc via FTP. It will keep all information contained in any number of wallets you create.

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The arrangement of carrying out an online payment deal my means of a debit card, credit card or checks is what is known as an eWallet system. This sort of facility is offered by businesses or service owners to their clientele to buy products through the internet and make payments through debit cards, credit cards or checks. And this system is generally allowed only to those merchants who have individual merchant accounts that they offer to their customers. This is typically what is known as eWallet merchant accounts and this is compulsory that business houses of this type have such an account.

Business is simplified to a great extent when you have eWallet account. There are many online trading businesses that are considered high risk like adult entertainment, pharmaceutical business, gaming and dating sites, etc. and most of their deals are carried out by eWallet providers. Such high risk merchants will not find it easy to get normal merchant accounts.

An online service vendor must acquire eWallet merchant account in order that the business is conducted without hitches and payments are carried out competently without a break in transactions. This type of an account also helps to improve business as the vendor gets the benefit of all kinds of payment deals through various means.

A number of online business services take on the nature of high risk business with regard to their line of business, and risks develop from the likelihood of fraudulent actions. In such cases because the deals happen to be many and happen everyday throughout the year irrespective of time or location there is every chance that the accounts can be manipulated by external miscreants, consumers or goods suppliers. This is when the eWallet account proves its mettle.

This type of account is pretty new and hence there are only a couple of providers who offer this to business operators and offers a variety of advantages to the vendor; like a customer can pay for a particular service from a vendor for a whole year on a monthly basis instead of contacting the client every month and details can be stored in the eWallet account by means of a unique code.

It also offers a merchant the chance to take orders for products that are not in stock and adjust payments after the order has been delivered, and the merchant will not need to contact the customer again for payment of items that were not in stock when the order was placed.

Nevertheless, the matter of security must be given highest importance. Merchant must necessarily set up eWallet merchant account that can sanction and settle great volumes of online payment deals, assisting them is secure web payments, various payment option that are in their wallet user account and process expenses by means of links to certain financial organizations.

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In spite of the world economic slump, the sustained development of multi-channel retailing entails that the business houses or services are persistently supplying their customers in keeping with their promises and orders. With vendors trying to bring their sales to the optimal levels and supplying endless services, there arose the necessity of a flexible and safe mode of payment that supports both the vendor and client. This gave birth to the E-Wallet solution. Just like one has a wallet to keep cash, E-Wallet holds cash for online transactions. It is not very cumbersome to go about getting E-Wallet processing

There are three main reasons to get E-Wallet account processed whether you are a merchant or a customer. a) It is far simpler to transfer money to manifold sites using E-Wallet. b) E-Wallet account helps to instantly transfer money from a particular site back into the E-Wallet. C0 Many sites refuse to allow the use of credit cards.

E-Wallet processing enables the customer to create secure account to keep their credit and debit card details. Once E-Wallet account has been processed the individual only needs to enter the postcode and the three digit security number that are not stored in the E-Wallet.

There are a number of providers who offer E-Wallet processing for both vendors and consumers. Consumers can get their E-Wallet processing done through the many financial organizations, specialized merchants or certain technology providers. For the vendor or the retailer who have a high volume of online business transactions E-Wallet is imperative in order to conduct their business smoothly and successfully.

The cost of processing E-Wallet varies from processor to processor and one has to scrutinize the processor carefully before selecting one that suits your requirements. Ensure that the one you decide has been in the industry long enough and are reliable.

E-wallet payout processing generally takes about three to four days which is comparatively faster than the time taken to process credit and debit cards. Many people utilize e Wallets for gaming sites, so such people should ensure that the sites they use are in the list of the providers as there are many rules that have been imposed by the E-Wallet providers who process your account.

E-wallets are becoming the most popular option to consumers of today. One can select their means of funding their e-wallet in order to make on the spot money transfer and E-wallet providers must necessarily be regulated and officially accepted by the governing financial regulatory board.

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Ewallet is a digital wallet which facilitates the user to conduct safe and secure commercial transactions through the electronic media with rapidity. The Ewallet must be undergoing hundreds of transactions every day and the total of all the electronic as well as physical transfers and payments occurring through the Ewallet is collectively referred to as Ewallet solutions.

Ewallet solutions are a type of method of payment in which either the customer pays directly or makes known his method of payment in terms of a virtual wallet. As a result, whenever a payment is made from the Ewallet account, the amount stands to be debited from the Ewallet credit balance and likewise the Ewallet solutions allow the account user to receive payments from other parties as well.

Due to the growing popularity of online commercial practices like forex trading as well as gambling, Ewallet solutions are in great demand and are therefore being offered by a number of financial institutions. In order to launch an Ewallet site, one needs to install a particular software package and subsequently fill out a form and secure the information by putting a password.

Ewallet solutions are particularly advantageous for poker and gaming sites because not only do they facilitate instant deposits and withdrawals but also charge transaction fees which are lesser compared to those charged for credit card transactions. In addition, these services are more secure since they safeguard personal information and also prevent the records of the gaming transactions from appearing on one’s bank statements.

Since Ewallet solutions are particularly designed to cater to online forex trading and gambling, the institutions which specialize in this facility have dealings with many gambling and trading platforms. A direct consequence of this relation is that any client who registers with such an institution is granted a number of bonus cash and bets ranging between ten dollars and hundreds of dollars.

As far as a gambling enthusiast is concerned, a set-up consisting of a bigger poker room equipped with facilities to access Ewallet solutions is an ideal scenario for safe and immediate deposits and other transactions. In such a situation, a gambler can deposit cash into the Ewallet account beforehand and then simply diversify the money into the poker site of his choice by clicking on the requisite buttons.

However, as a precautionary measure the consumer using the Ewallet solutions should stay informed as well as alert because like all other modern methods of transactions the Ewallet solutions are also prone to online scams and fraudulent schemes.

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Ewallet is the system of completing an online payment transaction through debit cards, credit cards or checks. Several online business owners provide the facility to consumers to purchase the products online and at the same time make payments online through credit cards, debit cards or checks. This facility is permitted to only those business site owners, who have respective merchant accounts to offer the service to the clientele. Therefore it is mandatory for a business site of this nature to have proper eWallet merchant accounts.

You get the support of easy processing of online payment transactions when you acquire an online merchant account. Nonexistence of this facility will be real hardship for you and your customers. Obtaining an ordinary merchant account is not difficult for any online business, when the risk involved is regarded minimum or negligible. For an online business, where the risks are considered to be high, it becomes utterly difficult to acquire a normal merchant account. Accordingly, online business owners find it complicated to obtain eWallet merchant accounts.

Businesses with high risk profile

Quite a few businesses are taken as high risk businesses due to their nature of activities. The consideration of high risk evolves from the possibility of fraudulent activities. As the transactions are numerous in numbers and they take place round the clock, throughout the year and spread around the world, there is always a chance of the account to be harmfully used either by some external body or by certain section of consumers or suppliers of the trade. This feature of the high risk business prevents getting the support of the providers of merchant accounts.

Some of the online trades are regarded as high risk types. They are the pharmaceuticals, adult entertainment sites, dating sites, gaming sites, auction sites, cigarettes, telemarketing, web-hosting, debt service, e-cash and the transactions processed through eWallet providers. Hence the merchant account providers like the banks and credit card providers shun away to grant normal merchant accounts to the high risk business owners.

You must acquire eWallet merchant accounts to run your online business smoothly so that payment transactions are done efficiently without any chance of getting mutilated. You will be able to avail all sorts of payment transaction through different mediums and your business will surely improve.

Facilitate payment transactions

You should obtain the high risk merchant account to facilitate the business transactions online. Your eWallet merchant accounts will offer you all the advantages in this respect for the growth of your business. Paypal is a great payment processor and is the eWallet system that you have been looking for. It helps to carry on with your online business with smooth online to and fro transactions. You must take the services of merchant account providers for your advantage. HR Merchant services offer consultation on your requirement of merchant accounts when you are having the high risk business. Contact immediately and acquire eWallet merchant accounts immediately.

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This article offers information on how to obtain eWallet merchant accounts ,Many online businesses offer products and services to consumers today,because most people go online to purchase something,online businesses must also be ready in facilitating payments.Most businesses are able to accept online payments made through debit or credit cards.And this feature will not be possible if an online business has no merchant account.

A merchant account facilitates the processing of online payments.Without this account,consumers will not be able to pay using their credit or debit cards. If an online business is considered low risk to no risk, getting a standard merchant account is easy as long as the requirements are met.But if the online business is considered a high risk one,it is impossible to obtain a standard merchant account.

High risk businesses

There are so many types of businesses that are considered high risk.Some of these are businesses that deal with pharmaceutical products, adult entertainment, dating, gaming, auctions, cigarettes, telemarketing, debt service, web hosting, e-cash, and ewallet processing providers.

These businesses are considered high risk because of the high probability of fraud.Huge volumes of online transactions will have to be processed everyday. These transactions are made round the clock, from people across the globe.Because transactions are made online, there is the risk of getting hacked by malicious intruders or of suppliers and consumers making fraudulent transactions.

This is why merchant account providers, banks, and credit card companies do not award a standard merchant account to these high-risk businesses.What high risk business owners need to have is a high risk merchant account.This type of merchant account will make sure that your payment system is protected from fraud and it offers a wide range of payment options through credit and debit cards.

Ewallet merchant accounts

Because these businesses are considered high risk, business owners must obtain a high risk merchant account to facilitate payments that are made online. There is one type of high risk merchant account that caters to businesses dealing with e-cash or e-wallet,This is called the ewallet merchant account.The popular payment processor Paypal is an ewallet system.

Today, many consumers use their ewallets when paying for their purchases.An ewallet is basically a virtual savings account.Online purchases can automatically be deducted from a person’s ewallet in real-time. In order for an ewallet merchant business to have this payment option, the business owner must have an ewallet merchant account.This type of high risk merchant account is fairly new.Therefore, only a few merchant account providers can offer this service to ewallet business owners.

Are you looking for a merchant account provider who can help you in obtaining ewallet merchant accounts?

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