Check 21 is the cheapest, fastest and safest means of meting out check payments. When using check 21 facility, dealings are cleared utilizing the exchange of check images from bank to bank. Most of the high risk merchant service providers make use of this latest facility so as to hasten payments hence High Risk Check 21 processing is becoming the order of the day. People who write checks must necessarily be in the know of the Check 21 regulations.

Benefits of Check 21

  • One has speedier access to money which means one receives payments faster resulting in quick flow of cash.
  • Checkfile can be presented as late as 8 pm for clearing when compared to the time of ACH files.
  • Low risk of scam – the shorter the time required for dispensation the safer you are from fraud.
  • Online reporting system wherein a lot of reports can be gathered faster.
  • Check 21 is cheaper and faster as vendors utilizing the remote deposit capture do away with umpteen number of trips to and from the bank, thus saving on cost of transport also.
  • With the use of the remote deposit capture the manual process of preparing a check and the resulting errors can be reduced.

With the advent of the highly modernized Check 21 processing system, high risk merchant providers have found an exceptional option to the more restrained ACH rules.

High Risk Check 21 Processing is managed by certain laws regarding checks and the Uniform Commercial code that have nothing to do with the ACH rules. All the check 21 dealings are there when he receives the bank statement exactly in the same manner as they would have appeared if it were a paper check.

One very significant point that has to be kept in mind when writing out a paper check is to be very legible because when an electronic image of a check is taken, clarity is of utmost importance. This aids in steering clear of mistakes in the vendor’s account or his overdrafts. Also remember to keep a track of you check dealings and ensure that every check that is written is noted down.

Once vendors is armed with all the details of Check 21 he has to ensure that he sets up a High Risk Check 21 Processing account with a provider who will be dedicated  in learning the nuances of his business and suggest the best solution in accordance withy the vendor’s requirements. The vendor must ensure that he will receive excellent service, better processes of disbursement and rates that are greatly competitive.

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