An offshore merchant account is a banking venture which moves hand in hand with the foreign banks where the local revenues are excused. The merchant or the business corporation seeking an offshore account should be registered or branded before opening the account. The offshore merchant processing is a pattern of merchant account which are specialised in dealing with the high risk credit card transactions and processing. It is also included under the out sourcing activities which help in banking all over the world without limitations or restrictions in any countries.

An offshore merchant account, by attracting a wide range of customers provides the most easily accessible and available means of services thus aiding both the service provider as well as the clienteles. The revenue exemption criteria, flexibility, easiness in the opening of an account, and  faster approvals makes an offshore merchant account more favourable and accessible to the traders and large scale companies. While opening an offshore bank account certain vital components should be kept in ones mind. One should be knowledgeable about the banker, with whom he is being dealing with. The bank should hold a transaction licence of e-commerce for at least a number of years and also try to avoid banks of countries with any external or internal administrative affairs. as it could lead to vulnerable funds.

One should also thoroughly go through the policies and terms and should clarify all the each statement. Also it will be better to seek the advice of tax advisors in order to secure the transactions more clearly. An offshore merchant could effortlessly succeed in his business activities by selecting relevant bankers. Certain  banking laws and jurisdictions enhances easy business reporting, auditing and settling of financial records thus helps the traders or the business man to conserve money ,time and energy. Many of the international banks provide best services to their customers especially to the offshore merchant account holders. This ease in the opening of the account and the secure services provided by various banks makes the offshore merchant account more familiar to the businessmen.

On the contrary an offshore merchant also creates much risk and threat if  not carefully dealt. The physical absence makes it difficult for the vendor to go through the money operations. The merchant also fails to oversee the details regarding the card, correctness of transactions, ownership identity and also about the matching of signature with that in the card. This will certainly increase the chance for illegal money transactions and corruptions especially when it deals with betting web pages and pharmacy trading.

Besides many pros and cons, the offshore merchant account certainly direct towards a successful future for the traders through its easy accessibility, minimal transaction charges and its bulky profits.

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