E Wallet software is password management software providing easy access to the numerous passwords you possess with safety guaranteed. It has to be downloaded and installed in your choice of device be it a PC or laptop or even your mobile phone.

All information can be safely locked inside E Wallet software files with a single password. This user friendly software also provides a password hint, in case you forget the password. E wallet has an option called Auto Pass which you can make use of for Fire fox as well as Internet Explorer and do away with the botheration of typing in different URL’s  from time to time. All you have to do is click on a URL displayed on the card (provided you have posted your password and username to the particular site) and Auto pass will take you to the concerned webpage with your password and username typed in. This is a much faster and safer method to use and you have the option to turn off Auto Pass feature anytime.

Another useful feature of the E Wallet software is the Smart copy option it has. This helps to copy credit card numbers and similar data onto your clipboard without any fear of other key loggers accessing it. It is also possible to trap encroachers to your E wallet by fixing a locking feature following a certain number of futile login attempts.

The passwords are also supplied by the software itself and you can make your choice from among the impenetrable selection offered by it’s built in password generator. It also has an automatic backup option which will save all your files. You can even scan images of your credit card and this software will encrypt it.

You can always upgrade your former E wallet with any latest form introduced. The latest version is the E Wallet 7.0 which is a modified and more sophisticated version with additional features. It comes with a new look and interesting interface which can again be customized according to your imagination and ability. It is more user friendly, giving useful tips as you work on it. It comes with a quick access tool bar and faster search results.

This software also offers the option of synchronizing your entire E Wallet information as well as individual cards with any windows mobile device, removable storage devices, other users etc via FTP. It will keep all information contained in any number of wallets you create.

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