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Offshore is becoming the banking trend nowadays. Merchants are becoming more aware of the endless possibilities to reach a worldwide market. What lures them to divert from their local banks to opening up offshore merchant accounts?

  • Hassle-free application
  • Results of applying for an offshore merchant account are hours away. The application forms are available over the their websites so it saves time to scour for the avenues to submit your application.

  • Wide selection of banks
  • Choices for competent banks are endless. We’re not only talking about US banks but foreign banks from countries drawn on the world map.

  • Secured credit card processing
  • You can securely accept payments on your offshore merchant account through the advent of internet payment gateways. This also enables you to simultaneously take in payments in different currencies.

  • Fast account update
  • Deposits made into the account are updated real-time. Definitely suits your need for speedy and accurate information regarding your offshore merchant account.

  • Global market reach
  • You also have a worldwide reach to potential customers. Since you are operating on an offshore merchant account, marketing is also of global scope as well.

  • Big savings on taxes
  • The saying,” Nothing is permanent except death and taxes”, applies to all, and, yes, to merchant accounts as well. But setting it offshore will definitely reduce your tax responsibilities. fees are reduced to a considerable portion.

    Banking guidelines and policies are also a major turning point in offshore banks, they tend to be less strict starting from the application. They entertain virtually almost all inquiries from all over the world, regardless of past business performance or shaky credit rating. Criteria for approval are clear and concise that’s why you can expect for immediate results. Plus, they don’t require initial or security deposits compared to domestic banks. Expect results as fast as 24 hours and a week to set up the actual offshore merchant account.

    Your options for the perfect bank to cater to your merchant account needs are limitless. They may be offshore, but these banks are established that’s why they have the resources to go international. Competition is less stiff than domestic banks. They adjust to your needs, you don’t compromise your merchant account desires.

    Security is everyone’s concern. Offshore is not synonymous to hidden, the information is just located on foreign territory, still virtually open to verification. When you have an offshore merchant account, you can accept credit card payments over the internet. Once this happens, then you can actually sell your products online as well, thanks to the advent of shopping carts.

    The products are displayed online and a payment gateway to purchase the product of the customer’s choice is next to the display. This payment gateway will ask for the credit card account number and then immediately process the transaction like a normal domestic credit card transaction. In a matter of minutes, the customer will know if the transaction was approved or rejected. The payments gateways have multiple security protocols but on a faster pace.

    Access to your offshore merchant account information is also convenient. After passing critical verification, you can check on the state of your account round the clock. Thus, liberating yourself from waiting for business days to actually check on your account’s performance

    Reduction of taxes become possible by using a separate offshore-incorporated company (your company) to handle your credit card business for you. Taxes are actually cut down by 15% and in some cases, to 0%.

    The benefits you can get from the offshore merchant account bandwagon are countless. Once you’re in it, you’ll realize that it’s one of the best merchant strategies you ever ventured into.

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    Sometimes entrepreneurs choose to set up their company in a country where laws and regulations are more relaxed compared to their own native country. The tax laws and legal formalities associated with the setting up offshore companies will definitely be simpler. These companies are also known as International Business Companies or Non Resident Companies.

    The critical aspect here is that these companies can operate only outside the country of its incorporation. Another way to define it would be that it can only transact with another offshore company, i.e. with any other company incorporated outside the country where it exists. People set up offshore companies to serve various purposes. Take a look into the various reasons associated with the setting up of offshore companies.

    Certain jurisdictions facilitate easy business reporting, auditing etc and the filing of financial records and balance sheets are kept to the minimum. This makes it highly conducive to business men who don’t want to be bothered by these aspects and utilize the time and the costs they save to build up more clientele.

    There is decreased risk of liabilities and assets belonging to the entrepreneur also remain free from risk of seizure. It’s also possible to carry on the business maintaining a certain level of anonymity. The owner’s name can be kept away from most transactions carried on in the private offshore company.

    Since business is not conducted in the country of incorporation, it will be possible to keep the profits earned away from tax jurisdictions prevalent in that country. Thus, there will be a significant increase in earnings of the company. There are certain island countries like Belize, Antigua etc which levy very little or no taxes at all on offshore companies. A lot of customs duty exemptions are also available. This is an example for escaping bureaucracy. The concerned governments are mostly fair on such company’s trade and practices and there will be no major interferences.

    Anyone keen on setting up offshore company can obtain expert advice often available in the country of incorporation. Foreign exchange conversion charges will also be found reasonable in these countries. Most international banks have very good services and facilities they offer for offshore accounts.

    Offshore companies usually specialize in trading. For some entrepreneurs this is a major investment. Others provide consultancy services. A lot of shipping and yacht manufacturing companies are incorporated as offshore entities.

    While setting up an offshore company, it is always advisable to set up in a country where political stability prevails since this is detrimental to the uninterrupted functioning of the concern.

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    High risk merchant processors are credit card processors which provide credit card services for high risk merchant accounts. Since these accounts are meant for highly risky commercial enterprises like gambling, pharmacy, adult content and travel-related, there are very few financial institutions which provide services for them and these institutions are referred to as high risk merchant processors.

    High risk merchant processors are ideal for businesses which are not likely to receive approval from the standard financial institutions which are located within the country. This may occur due to two main reasons namely either the business is categorized under the heading of the high risk business or that it is located overseas in some other country.

    There are a large variety of services which are offered by the high risk merchant processors out of which one of the main services is to offer a number of different processing sources to the merchant like banks located within the country, offshore banks, third-party processors and check processors. These alternatives are available to all merchants irrespective of whether the merchant has a single account or holds multiple accounts.

    The high risk merchant processors are also responsible for getting the account of the merchant approved quickly because after the approval has been granted there is no restriction on the merchant in terms of the volume of the transaction or the number of transactions taking place in an account.

    Having entailed the services of the high risk merchant processors, the merchant not only enjoys the benefit of a phenomenal increase in sales which is translated into profits but also experiences the advantages of functioning under relaxed regulations especially those concerning volumes and charge-backs. However, all these services would require the deposition of a certain amount of cash reserve or reference to rolling reserves as a form of security due to the nature of the commercial enterprise.

    The high risk merchant processors are known for their rapid processing of inquiry as well as information due to which the merchant who is interested in opening a high risk account is contacted within 24 hours of the query being posed by different institutions which offer these services. After that the merchant is at a liberty to choose the specific processor which is most suitable for his individual requirements.

    Since most of the high risk merchant processors enjoy an international presence, they offer processing services in multi-currencies as a result of which the merchant can choose to conduct dealings in the currency of his choice.

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    Check 21 or the ‘Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act’ is a directive that facilitates the collection, dispensing and payment of electronic checks between the banks in the US. This ruling came into being on 4th October 2004, bringing about considerable modifications in the traditional mode disposal of checks. The paper checks are converted into E checks for easier dispensing and payment. High Risk Check 21 Solutions are extremely worthwhile for those high risk merchant service vendors as it diminishes the dangers of fake dealings.

    High risk merchant service owners will be in a position to add on to their customer database and collect their payments on time and correctly. There is also the facility to safeguard the merchant from checks that bounce as it will be extremely easier to spot them, which was not the case with the conventional paper checks.

    The check 21 introduces to the present day world a novel model giving the vendors an edge, but the down side of Check 21 is that in spite of the fact that it enhances the speed of transactions there is every chance that fraudulence in checks authorities will not find it very easy to punish the wrong doers because if by chance the paper check is destroyed or lost after imaging there will be no proof to scrutinize the fraud. This is one point that has got both the providers and the merchants quite worried. And both parties are hoping that there will soon be some answer to this issue. So it boils down to the fact  that if a check is not accepted by anyone because they suspect that it could be a scam what on earth is the point of holding the check in your hands!!

    Well one of the solutions for those following the check 21 regulations could be to ensure that the checks used have outstanding security features that are not copy survivable, meaning that the features of the paper of the check are as reliable as possible. It should be such that the features will assist fraudulence to be brought to the forefront at the point where the check is received. This could help to relieve the burden of legal responsibility to the bank that does the conversion.

    But by and large the High Risk Check 21 is one of the regulations that has revolutionized the banking sector giving the high risk merchant service providers an opportunity to really grow in their business.

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    Adult merchant processing is the phrase which is used for the procedures involved in the processing of an adult merchant account. Since a commercial enterprise which deals with adult services comes under the category of a high risk merchant account, the formalities involved in opening such an account are carried out by the high risk merchant processors and these are collectively referred to as adult merchant processing.

    The first step which marks the commencement of the adult merchant processing is to search for a high risk credit card processing service. Due to the hazardous nature of the business, this might prove to be a difficult job since not every financial institution would be inclined to provide such facilities and the solution may be found in form of a third party processor or an offshore merchant account.

    The next step in adult merchant processing requires the merchant to fill out a form with all details pertaining to the business as well as the services which are desired. This form is then circulated among the processing services all over the world and the merchant can expect to hear from the interested parties within 24 hours of having submitted the form. This is followed by negotiations in which both parties discuss about the charges as well as the documentation which would be required.

    Some of the information which is asked in the form requires the merchant to supply specific details with regards to business information, business specifics, processing information, and name of the principal contact, the related business websites along with the personal comments of the prospective merchant.

    This information is then submitted to the provider who is willing to offer the adult merchant processing services for a high risk account. Subsequently, the background of the merchant is checked like the business, credit card processing history as well as legal and criminal records. Since this might take a long time, the process can be shortened if the information is provided voluntarily by the adult merchant himself.

    Any merchant who has decided to go through the adult merchant processing should be prepared to pay additional fees which are decided according to the nature and the extent of the risk involved. This kind of processing also involves a high percentage of charge-backs.

    The adult merchant processing for a new commercial enterprise has to be included under high risk processing but as the business grows older and gains financial stability in form of profits, it can be shifted under normal credit card processing if so desired by the merchant.

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    ACH processing or Automated Clearing House processing as it is rightly called is the means by which the vendor is enabled to bill the client through his bank account for the services that you have rendered. This is a dependable method for vendors to make their collections. This system has come into being since the early 70’s.  More than 95% of the people doing online business have checking accounts and if the type of business that the trader is doing is based on a monthly income from the client he will be in a real dilemma if someone delays a payment. Such matters can be dealt with through the High Risk ACH Processing account system. There is also the facility for verification through an ATM that can easily verify the validity of an E check.

    In the case of high risk merchant services, it is absolutely imperative that the vendor has a High Risk ACH Processing system in place. It is nothing but an electronic means of transferring money wherein the dealings are conducted in more or less the same way as in the conventional methods. The U S Federal Reserve supported the ACH in its initial stages by providing computers and electronic assistance to help the banks.

    It is not really very difficult to start an ACH account. Even the high risk merchant service providers who help traders to maintain their credit and their accounts have started offering to help with the setting up of High Risk ACH Processing accounts, making it more convenient for traders who can go to a merchant services provider for all their needs.

    The advantages of ACH processing

    • An ACH processing System permits the electronic transfer of funds through the internet.
    • The transfer of funds is direct from the funds of the customer’s bank account to that of the trader. This is more commonly known as the EFT or the Electronic Funds Transfer.
    • ACH account processing has the facility to transform all checks to be into electronic checks.
    • Consumer dealings can be processed electronically. The list is endless.

    One of the significant implementations of the ACH is the check processor that assists a business to bloom and grow. Combined with software that helps to verify the ATMs the trader or merchant can comfortably sit back and enjoy the payments pouring in. The customers are also greatly satisfied in the bargain making business thrive for everyone.  So in the interest of both the merchant and the customer it would be a great idea to set up a High Risk ACH Processing account.

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    Ewallet is a digital wallet which facilitates the user to conduct safe and secure commercial transactions through the electronic media with rapidity. The Ewallet must be undergoing hundreds of transactions every day and the total of all the electronic as well as physical transfers and payments occurring through the Ewallet is collectively referred to as Ewallet solutions.

    Ewallet solutions are a type of method of payment in which either the customer pays directly or makes known his method of payment in terms of a virtual wallet. As a result, whenever a payment is made from the Ewallet account, the amount stands to be debited from the Ewallet credit balance and likewise the Ewallet solutions allow the account user to receive payments from other parties as well.

    Due to the growing popularity of online commercial practices like forex trading as well as gambling, Ewallet solutions are in great demand and are therefore being offered by a number of financial institutions. In order to launch an Ewallet site, one needs to install a particular software package and subsequently fill out a form and secure the information by putting a password.

    Ewallet solutions are particularly advantageous for poker and gaming sites because not only do they facilitate instant deposits and withdrawals but also charge transaction fees which are lesser compared to those charged for credit card transactions. In addition, these services are more secure since they safeguard personal information and also prevent the records of the gaming transactions from appearing on one’s bank statements.

    Since Ewallet solutions are particularly designed to cater to online forex trading and gambling, the institutions which specialize in this facility have dealings with many gambling and trading platforms. A direct consequence of this relation is that any client who registers with such an institution is granted a number of bonus cash and bets ranging between ten dollars and hundreds of dollars.

    As far as a gambling enthusiast is concerned, a set-up consisting of a bigger poker room equipped with facilities to access Ewallet solutions is an ideal scenario for safe and immediate deposits and other transactions. In such a situation, a gambler can deposit cash into the Ewallet account beforehand and then simply diversify the money into the poker site of his choice by clicking on the requisite buttons.

    However, as a precautionary measure the consumer using the Ewallet solutions should stay informed as well as alert because like all other modern methods of transactions the Ewallet solutions are also prone to online scams and fraudulent schemes.

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    When a pharmacy merchant launches an online pharmacy site, he should have a pharmacy merchant account in order to receive credit card payments from his clients. Since such an account is likely to handle a number of financial transactions, it should belong to a trustworthy institution which would not only process the payments in time but would also safeguard the personal account details of the pharmacy merchant.

    Since a pharmacy merchant has to open a high risk merchant account, he should follow certain guidelines which are related to the opening of the account. One of the first recommendations which are made to the pharmacy merchant in this regard is to ascertain his exact requirements from a credit card processing solution. This should be done by assessing the processing requirements as well as the volume of processing since some providers place limits on the volumes of such accounts.

    While designing a pharmacy website, one should be realistic about the expenses involved. Among other things, these expenses include very high fees which are incurred for opening a high risk merchant account and these should be taken into consideration by the pharmacy merchant especially while putting forth one’s profit projections.

    Since internet is one of the most common tools for research and information nowadays, one would find a number of general credit card processors but it is equally important to remember that not all of them would be willing to open an account for a pharmacy merchant. Therefore, the search for a perfect account provider could prove to be time consuming as well as tedious.

    Having short-listed a few institutions, it is strongly recommended that must appraise the reputation of the company before making the final decision. This can be done by ascertaining the duration for which the institution has been functioning, whether it has any previous financial and banking background and what has been its progress in terms of growth ever since it started out.

    Comparison between the various providers is a time-tested method of selecting an appropriate provider and an important yardstick for conducting comparisons between the various companies is the time taken for them to reply to a simple query sent by the customer.

    After having selected a provider, the pharmacy merchant should be prepared to come forth with all the personal as well as financial details about himself as well as his company. In addition, he should read the document provided to him thoroughly so as to avoid controversy and misunderstanding at a later stage.

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    High risk merchants are those businessmen who are in charge of a highly risky business enterprise or belong to the highly risky industries like adult entertainment, replica goods and pharmacy. Merchants may be categorized as high risk merchants due to their location, their poor credit history or if they indulge in the trade of illegal products and services or if they deal in high risk industries.

    Since high risk merchants cannot trade through the normal trading accounts, they have to resort to special accounts which are known as high risk merchant accounts. These accounts are meant for conducting businesses which are prone to bankruptcy, fraudulent transactions, high volume of sales, high rate of refunds as well as high rate of charge backs.

    The accounts opened by high risk merchants are classified under the highly risky category and are therefore not provided by most of the banks. Such accounts are opened with the third party who not only charge a higher rate in lieu of the account but also provide protection against a high level of fraud which is likely to occur in such a business.

    When a high risk merchant opens a bank account, then he has to so through the third party merchant account providers who are known to charge a higher rate as compared to the general ecommerce merchant but a lower rate when compared to those provided by the banks for such enterprises. Therefore, the total expenditure incurred by high risk merchants would include application fees, transaction fees, monthly fees as well as discount rates.

    Before entertaining high risk merchants for opening an account, all financial institutions generally conduct some research on the background information of such merchants. One of the main intentions behind this research is to find out the length of time for which the business has been operating. A business which has been around for a longer duration is likely to be trusted more as compared to a business which has been around for a short period of time.

    All high risk merchants have a credit report which reflects on their reputation with regards to payment of credit. This is also investigated since the merchant’s capacity to repay loans as well as his vulnerability to bankruptcy is an essential factor on which the opening of such an account depends.

    Although high risk merchants pay exorbitant rates for opening a bank account they enjoy the benefits of perks and payment discounts which are also a part of such an account.

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    Ewallet is the system of completing an online payment transaction through debit cards, credit cards or checks. Several online business owners provide the facility to consumers to purchase the products online and at the same time make payments online through credit cards, debit cards or checks. This facility is permitted to only those business site owners, who have respective merchant accounts to offer the service to the clientele. Therefore it is mandatory for a business site of this nature to have proper eWallet merchant accounts.

    You get the support of easy processing of online payment transactions when you acquire an online merchant account. Nonexistence of this facility will be real hardship for you and your customers. Obtaining an ordinary merchant account is not difficult for any online business, when the risk involved is regarded minimum or negligible. For an online business, where the risks are considered to be high, it becomes utterly difficult to acquire a normal merchant account. Accordingly, online business owners find it complicated to obtain eWallet merchant accounts.

    Businesses with high risk profile

    Quite a few businesses are taken as high risk businesses due to their nature of activities. The consideration of high risk evolves from the possibility of fraudulent activities. As the transactions are numerous in numbers and they take place round the clock, throughout the year and spread around the world, there is always a chance of the account to be harmfully used either by some external body or by certain section of consumers or suppliers of the trade. This feature of the high risk business prevents getting the support of the providers of merchant accounts.

    Some of the online trades are regarded as high risk types. They are the pharmaceuticals, adult entertainment sites, dating sites, gaming sites, auction sites, cigarettes, telemarketing, web-hosting, debt service, e-cash and the transactions processed through eWallet providers. Hence the merchant account providers like the banks and credit card providers shun away to grant normal merchant accounts to the high risk business owners.

    You must acquire eWallet merchant accounts to run your online business smoothly so that payment transactions are done efficiently without any chance of getting mutilated. You will be able to avail all sorts of payment transaction through different mediums and your business will surely improve.

    Facilitate payment transactions

    You should obtain the high risk merchant account to facilitate the business transactions online. Your eWallet merchant accounts will offer you all the advantages in this respect for the growth of your business. Paypal is a great payment processor and is the eWallet system that you have been looking for. It helps to carry on with your online business with smooth online to and fro transactions. You must take the services of merchant account providers for your advantage. HR Merchant services offer consultation on your requirement of merchant accounts when you are having the high risk business. Contact immediately and acquire eWallet merchant accounts immediately.

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