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Another thriving business in the Internet is that of online pharmacies.People can now purchase their medicines by going online.One very important aspect when purchasing medicines online is the payment.Is it secure? What payment options are offered? Will my credit card or debit card be accepted? Is the transaction accurate and on time?

Financial system

Both the business owner and the consumer are on the losing end if the financial system of an online business is not reliable.The business owner must also guard against fraudulent transactions by customers and suppliers.The online pharmacy must also be able to adapt to the increasing growth of its market. Large volumes of transactions must be processed accurately and on time.And if the pharmacy is based offshore, financial transactions must be processed round the clock, in different currencies, and without interruptions. Furthermore, the business owner must ensure the security of the financial details of its customers.

Pharmacy merchant accounts

All these can be achieved by getting pharmacy merchant accounts.Online pharmacy merchant accounts accept a wide range of credit and debit cards. Transactions can be processed online and in real time. As the business owner, you can ensure your customers that their financial details will remain confidential because your high-quality financial system has fraud protection.

Pharmacy merchant accounts are a type of a high risk merchant account,Because of the high risk of fraudulent transactions,most banks and credit card companies are cynical in granting these businesses a standard merchant account.But because having a solid online financial system is vital for the online pharmacy to survive and grow, a business owner must get a pharmacy merchant account,This is being offered by some merchant account providers.


What is better is that a pharmacy merchant account can enable you to make tax-free transactions in certain places especially if your pharmacy is based offshore,This means cheaper medicines for the consumer and higher profit for the business owner.This is a win-win situation for both the consumer and the business owner,No wonder that online pharmacies are doing great!

Getting a pharmacy merchant account has so many advantages: fraud protection, increased client base, satisfied customers,timely and accurate financial transactions, cost efficiency, and hassle-free transactions.Every online pharmacy must have a pharmacy merchant account if it wants to be the leader in the industry.

Unfortunately, because a pharmacy merchant account is a high risk merchant account, getting it is not as easy. Also, some merchant account providers are known to charge very high fees for this type of service.

Where else can you get a pharmacy merchant account? You have come to the right place here at HR Merchant Services.

HR Merchant Services is one of these merchant account providers. We offer the best products and services in the industry. We can help in establishing targeted solutions for your online pharmacy. And we are known to charge affordable fees to our clients. Be part of our successful clients who availed of our services.

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The aim of most businesses is to continuously increase their client base.Thanks to the Internet, this can be easily achieved by going online,Most online businesses aim to go global to sell their products and services in every person around the world regardless of the time differences. Therefore, a client based in Italy can buy from a store that is based in Dubai through the Internet,The Internet really has made the world smaller.

Online payment

When a consumer goes online,he or she has the choice of purchasing a product or a service.After making the order, the consumer will now make the payment. What payment options are offered by the offshore online business? This aspect is very important.If a business wants to offer its products or services globally, it must be equipped in processing financial transactions made by people from all over the world.

First,it is important for the offshore business to accept a wide range of credit and debit cards,thats why offshore merchant accounts are provided,You will never know what specific type of card the consumer has,Second, the payment portal must be able to make multi-currency transactions. Whether the consumer is paying in euros, dollars, or yen, the portal must be able accept these payments.And third, the offshore business must be secure enough to guard against hackers,This is a very important aspect because consumers will be supplying their financial details to make the payment.These details must stay confidential.The offshore business must be able to ensure them that its payment system is highly secured against any possible hacking.

Offshore merchant accounts

If you are an offshore business owner,how can you address these needs regarding payments? The answer is to obtain an offshore merchant account.The offshore merchant account will facilitate the processing of online financial transactions.It is equipped with high-quality software that will enable an offshore business to process large volumes of transactions every day of the week for 24 hours and without disruptions.With offshore merchant accounts, there is no limit with the number and size of financial transactions that can be processed online.And you will not be afraid of the system shutting down while a transaction is being processed.All online financial transactions are processed accurately and in real-time.Another advantage of offshore merchant accounts is that it minimizes the tax liability of business owners.And to reduce the high probability of fraud, merchant account providers have also included fraud protection in their offshore merchant services.

Where can you get an offshore merchant account?

HR Merchant Services is the leader in merchant account services,We have a team of efficient and competent people who will help you in getting an offshore merchant account. Our years in the industry have enabled us to provide excellent services and products with prices that are lower than our competitors. Our expertise is to provide targeted solutions for your specific needs.

Are you ready to conquer the world with your offshore business? Come to HR Merchant Services for your offshore merchant account.

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International Offshore Company Formation is a good option. Now with the global reach of the Internet, many business owners or would-be business owners are looking into expanding their market by forming an international business company.What is international offshore company formation?


An international business company is an offshore company that is permitted to do business within the jurisdiction that it was formed and around the world. There are many countries where an international business company can be established.But forming an international company is not very easy.


The business owner must be familiar with the local laws in his chosen foreign jurisdiction.And there are so many things to establish registrations, legal documents, registered agents, office space, and many more.Researching and learning about these can take up a lot of time. And you can get caught up with the legalities and terminologies,Having a local expert to guide you along the way is important.

HR Merchant Services

HR Merchant Services can be of great help in international offshore company formation.We have years of experience in setting up international companies in different places in the world like Canada, Anguilla, Bahamas, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Mauritius, New Zealand, Panama, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom, and many more.

We help you in speeding up the process of forming a company in a foreign jurisdiction.Our services include expert advice on company formation, document retrievals, registered agent services, and local presence.

Company Formation

We understand that every foreign jurisdiction has its own laws and regulations that must be followed.To ensure that company formation will go smoothly, we have a team of expert legal counsel and local experts who will assist you.

Document Retrievals

We shall provide the different international documents needed like good standing, tax certificates, corporate documents, and others.

Registered Agent Services

If required by a foreign jurisdiction, we shall provide you with a registered agent.We have many duly licensed registered agents around the world.

Local Presence

If needed, we will assist you in finding the best office space. Or, we can assist you in creating your virtual office.

Partner with us here are HR Merchant Services. We promise to give you the best services with the best prices in the industry.

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Many consumers buy different products through the Internet. Because of the accessibility and convenience of making online purchases, more and more online businesses are being created.One important aspect of online businesses is their payment options.It becomes much more convenient to the consumer if many payment options are available like the use of different credit or debit cards.

To facilitate the online payments made by consumers, businesses need merchant accounts.These merchant accounts will facilitate processing of online payments that were made through credit cards or debit cards.You can get a merchant account in banks, credit card processors, or merchant account providers. Getting a merchant account is easy for most online businesses except for the ones considered as high risk. What are these high risk businesses?

High risk businesses

Some businesses are considered high risk if they meet any of the following criteria.

1. The online business is not registered.
2. The merchant’s credit standing is not good or is inconsistent.
3. The merchant is already blacklisted by other merchant account providers or credit card companies.
4. Volume of sales is too high which increases the risk of fraud.
5. Volume of sales is too low that the business cannot afford to pay for fees.

Aside from these,your online business is considered high risk if it falls under any of these categories: adult entertainment,dating,travel,Internet service provider, pharmacy, gaming, auctions, tobacco and cigarettes,e-wallet or e-cash,telemarketing,international call centers,replica products,voice-over-IP services, debt service, web hosting, and others.Some merchant account providers, banks, and credit card processors do not want to transact business with these high risk companies because of the risk of fraud.

If your online business is considered as high-risk,getting a standard merchant account is impossible. Therefore,business owners must look for merchant account service providers that offer high risk merchant accounts .Not a lot of merchant service providers offer this service,Or the business owner may have to pay hefty fees for approved high risk merchant accounts .In this situation, the online business owner has to increase his prices in order to cover the fees.

Because of the advantage of having high risk merchant accounts ,business owners must see to it that they get one,A timely and accurate processing of online financial transactions must be ensured to guard against fraudulent transactions made by customers and suppliers.And this will keep the consumers satisfied with the services as well.

Where can the owner of an online high risk business get a high risk merchant account?

Based out of New York City, HR Merchant Services can help high risk business owners in setting up their high risk merchant accounts.Our years in the business have made us experts in this field. We have the capabilities to offer the best services and products in the industry. Another plus is our affordable prices.

Are you an owner of a high risk business? Let our experts here in HR Merchant Services help you in getting a high risk merchant account.

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Automated Clearing House (ACH) and check 21 processing are reliable systems for facilitating electronic funds transfer.Here,electronic checks are used instead of the conventional paper checks.

Check 21 is the newest technology in check processing. This enables the company to convert a paper check into an electronic check. The electronic image of the check, called an IRD,is electronically sent to the bank instead of physically transporting a paper check there.After the electronic check is processed by the bank’s check writer, funds are debited or credited to the consumer’s and merchant’s accounts.This way, transactions are processed more efficiently and with less time.

ACH provides a secure and private inter-bank clearing of electronic payments.Funds are processed,cleared,and debited or credited to your account within 2 business days.It is more cost-effective because it reduces check and credit card associated costs.

Debit and credit payments

ACH can accept many forms of debit and credit payments.For example,High Risk ACH debit payments can be done for club dues,business-to-business payments, contributions to IRA and other government benefits, insurance payments, mortgage payments, loan payments, tax payments, online purchases, and many more. While credit payments can be done for payroll, pensions, social security payments,tax payments,and others.Many financial transactions can be done through ACH.


High Risk ACH and check 21 processing systems are highly advisable for high risk to medium risk merchants because these reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.From a business owner’s standpoint, ACH and check 21 processing will streamline processes and improve customer service.Because of these financial systems, businesses can accept payments from consumers who do not have credit and debit cards.

High Risk ACH and check 21 processing can increase client base,reduce expenses, and facilitate timely and accurate collection of payments.These systems also protect business owners from receiving bad checks because these can be identified sooner than with the processing of a paper check. ACH and check 21 processing protect your business and your clients from fraud. Today, more and more businesses have equipped their financial systems with ACH and check 21 processing.


In fact, according to the National Clearing House Association (NACHA), almost 18.2 billion ACH debit payments were made online in 2008. More and more businesses and consumers are utilizing this method which is faster, hassle-free, and cheaper.ACH and check 21 processing have definitely increased the volume of online transactions for many businesses.Not only that,ACH and check 21 processing have also greatly reduced the risk of fraud.If you want more security in your financial transactions,ACH and check 21 processing are the solutions.

Are you interested in getting these for your business?

HR Merchant Services has an automated system that can be readily integrated into your existing financial system.We offer world-class services with affordable rates and better technical support.We have an expert team of people backed up by years of experience.We can assist you in finding targeted solutions to your financial needs.Let us help you in your journey to success!

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Gaming merchant accounts,are geared toward online casinos,sportsbooks and other games of chance,that can be played on the internet,People today go online for just about anything,uou can purchase medicines by going online,You can play video games through the Internet,You can gamble online.In order to purchase something or avail of an online service, you have to pay online as well,you can use a debit or credit card in making your payment.

For easy processing of online payments,it is vital that businesses have a merchant account,through the merchant account,transactions made from credit and debit cards are processed on time and accurately.Besides,offering varied payment options is a must for online businesses.Consumers find it more convenient if they experience no problems when it comes to paying for their purchases.

High-risk business
Obtaining a merchant account from a bank,credit card company, or merchant account provider is easy.But if your online business is considered a high risk one,the process becomes more difficult.Most banks,credit card companies,and merchant account providers do not want to transact with high risk online businesses because of the high probability of fraud.Owners of high risk online businesses have to obtain a specific type of merchant account — the high risk merchant account.

Many businesses are considered high risk.Some of these are pharmacies,Internet service providers,gaming,telemarketing,adult services,ewallet,and gaming,just to name a few.These businesses must have a high risk merchant account to ensure that their consumers will have no problem with payments.

Gaming merchant account
Online gaming,especially online casinos,is one of the fastest growing industries in the Internet today.These businesses are considered very high risk because of the large volumes of deposits and withdrawals through credit and debit cards.Furthermore, there is a very high risk for fraud and illegality. These financial transactions are made on a daily basis for 24 hours.For the smooth operation of these online businesses, gaming merchant accounts must be obtained.

Like the high risk merchant account, obtaining a gaming merchant account is also difficult,And finding a merchant account provider that offers such a service is also not an easy task.Making payments through credit and debit cards is very important for online gaming businesses.To become viable, having a gaming merchant account is important ,That is the only solution.

Where can online gaming business owners go to for help?
We can help you here at HR Merchant Services.We have a great team who are equipped with the knowledge and experience in dealing with such transactions.We can help you in obtaining gaming merchant accounts which is indispensable to your online business.Our years of experience have made us experts in the industry.

Furthermore, we know that some merchant account providers charge very high fees for gaming merchant accounts.Here at HR Merchant Services,we are proud to give you the best service and the best product for affordable prices.We have a long list of clients to vouch for our reputation in the industry,contact us
today to see how we can help you.

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This article offers information on how to obtain eWallet merchant accounts ,Many online businesses offer products and services to consumers today,because most people go online to purchase something,online businesses must also be ready in facilitating payments.Most businesses are able to accept online payments made through debit or credit cards.And this feature will not be possible if an online business has no merchant account.

A merchant account facilitates the processing of online payments.Without this account,consumers will not be able to pay using their credit or debit cards. If an online business is considered low risk to no risk, getting a standard merchant account is easy as long as the requirements are met.But if the online business is considered a high risk one,it is impossible to obtain a standard merchant account.

High risk businesses

There are so many types of businesses that are considered high risk.Some of these are businesses that deal with pharmaceutical products, adult entertainment, dating, gaming, auctions, cigarettes, telemarketing, debt service, web hosting, e-cash, and ewallet processing providers.

These businesses are considered high risk because of the high probability of fraud.Huge volumes of online transactions will have to be processed everyday. These transactions are made round the clock, from people across the globe.Because transactions are made online, there is the risk of getting hacked by malicious intruders or of suppliers and consumers making fraudulent transactions.

This is why merchant account providers, banks, and credit card companies do not award a standard merchant account to these high-risk businesses.What high risk business owners need to have is a high risk merchant account.This type of merchant account will make sure that your payment system is protected from fraud and it offers a wide range of payment options through credit and debit cards.

Ewallet merchant accounts

Because these businesses are considered high risk, business owners must obtain a high risk merchant account to facilitate payments that are made online. There is one type of high risk merchant account that caters to businesses dealing with e-cash or e-wallet,This is called the ewallet merchant account.The popular payment processor Paypal is an ewallet system.

Today, many consumers use their ewallets when paying for their purchases.An ewallet is basically a virtual savings account.Online purchases can automatically be deducted from a person’s ewallet in real-time. In order for an ewallet merchant business to have this payment option, the business owner must have an ewallet merchant account.This type of high risk merchant account is fairly new.Therefore, only a few merchant account providers can offer this service to ewallet business owners.

Are you looking for a merchant account provider who can help you in obtaining ewallet merchant accounts?

Let the team of experts here in HR Merchant Services help you,At HR Merchant Services,we offer various high risk merchant services to online and offline merchants. And this includes ewallet consulting. Years of experience in merchant account services have enabled us to be one of the best in the industry. We offer the best services and products in the field of high risk merchant services.Visit us and ask us about our services today.

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Benefits of adult merchant accounts
Owners of e-commerce websites apply for merchant accounts to facilitate online payments. A merchant account enables the website to accept online payments made through credit cards, debit cards, or checks. Most customers find it convenient if there are many payment options available.
If a business owner wants to improve his client base or make his site more profitable, getting a merchant account is important.
In the case of an adult website business, getting adult merchant accounts are a different story completely. Customers of adult website businesses have to pay membership fees in two ways: monthly or one-off method. Monthly payments of membership fees ensure that a certain amount will be received by the business every month. But the one-off method wherein membership fees are paid once for the entire year ensures that the business is forming a good client base. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, a wide range of payment options must be available.

Businesses go online to increase their client base. And to achieve that goal, many payment options and methods must be offered by an adult service business.

Getting an adult merchant account

Having an adult merchant account addresses these specific needs. Unfortunately, most merchant account providers are wary of making transactions with adult service businesses even if these are profitable. An adult service business is considered high-risk because of the high probability of making fraudulent transactions. And some merchant service providers do not want their companies to be identified with adult businesses, This makes it difficult for business owners to get adult merchant accounts.

On the other hand, if an adult merchant account gets approved by a merchant service provider, the fees are way too high. If the business owner accepts this, he must find a way to pay the exorbitant fees. He has two options: lower the membership fees or lower the quality of his products. If membership fees are reduced, the business is bound to get less profit. And if the product quality is reduced, the business may end up losing clients.

Both scenarios are not good for a business owner.

If you are the owner of an adult website business, you must get an adult merchant account to increase your profits. Who can help you in getting one? And where can you find excellent service at affordable prices?

HR Merchant Services understands the situation that adult business owners are in. This is why we offer our expertise in high risk merchant services to offline and Internet merchants. We provide targeted solutions for your adult merchant accounts. Because of our years in the merchant account industry, we are experts in offering the best products and services. We also offer affordable prices for our services. Aside from that, we make sure that clients are satisfied with our services in obtaining adult merchant accounts for them.

What are you waiting for? Be one of our clients. Get an adult merchant account from us. We can be your partners to success!

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