Automated Clearing House (ACH) and check 21 processing are reliable systems for facilitating electronic funds transfer.Here,electronic checks are used instead of the conventional paper checks.

Check 21 is the newest technology in check processing. This enables the company to convert a paper check into an electronic check. The electronic image of the check, called an IRD,is electronically sent to the bank instead of physically transporting a paper check there.After the electronic check is processed by the bank’s check writer, funds are debited or credited to the consumer’s and merchant’s accounts.This way, transactions are processed more efficiently and with less time.

ACH provides a secure and private inter-bank clearing of electronic payments.Funds are processed,cleared,and debited or credited to your account within 2 business days.It is more cost-effective because it reduces check and credit card associated costs.

Debit and credit payments

ACH can accept many forms of debit and credit payments.For example,High Risk ACH debit payments can be done for club dues,business-to-business payments, contributions to IRA and other government benefits, insurance payments, mortgage payments, loan payments, tax payments, online purchases, and many more. While credit payments can be done for payroll, pensions, social security payments,tax payments,and others.Many financial transactions can be done through ACH.


High Risk ACH and check 21 processing systems are highly advisable for high risk to medium risk merchants because these reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.From a business owner’s standpoint, ACH and check 21 processing will streamline processes and improve customer service.Because of these financial systems, businesses can accept payments from consumers who do not have credit and debit cards.

High Risk ACH and check 21 processing can increase client base,reduce expenses, and facilitate timely and accurate collection of payments.These systems also protect business owners from receiving bad checks because these can be identified sooner than with the processing of a paper check. ACH and check 21 processing protect your business and your clients from fraud. Today, more and more businesses have equipped their financial systems with ACH and check 21 processing.


In fact, according to the National Clearing House Association (NACHA), almost 18.2 billion ACH debit payments were made online in 2008. More and more businesses and consumers are utilizing this method which is faster, hassle-free, and cheaper.ACH and check 21 processing have definitely increased the volume of online transactions for many businesses.Not only that,ACH and check 21 processing have also greatly reduced the risk of fraud.If you want more security in your financial transactions,ACH and check 21 processing are the solutions.

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